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Chocolate Truffles

I loved every bite of  my Blue Berry Milk Chocolate truffles  .Would  love to have more ..Smita  Taneja


New Taste of Chocolates

Amrut Collections of Chocolates was value for money with New Tastes .  Ingredients used were pure & natural  hence the taste was awesome .Can't stop at one ...

Anne Kraiche London

Favourite Chocolates

My baby shower experience  has become a delicious memory with Amrut Personalised collection of chocolates with my favourite flavours and shapes .Thank you Amrut Chocolatier for the yummy treat.....

Amisha Poddar India

Chocolate Bars

Hand crafted  chocolate bars with floral flavours  Rose and Lavender  is a must try .Truly enjoyed  Now shopping for more .

Girish  N


An Indian Chocolate

An Indian Special/  

A special Indian chocolate/

An Indian Chocolate

         This chocolate is sweet and

pure and tender –

By a lovely lady, it is rendered,

         Whom I learned to know some years ago –

We didn’t say merely ‘hello’

     I am a fan of all that’s chocolate-made,

And in my life, I ate

Many, many European chocolate brands.

But the one you hold now in your hands,

     Pleased me more than those of famous

European chocolate places.

It’s made with pure ingredients,

Without a trace of chemistry –  

But with elements of sympathy.

And it's of Indian origin!

 -Professor Klaus-Peter Geiger 

Frankfurt ,Germany

Awesome Taste

           Amrut Collections of Chocolates 

          are yummy, awesome taste, and    excellent presentation. .Manju 

hats off to you you made them

        and they are just too good.

Everyone at home liked them. 

Thank you

Sangeeta Mehta 

Mumbai India

Wonderful Chocolates

 Amrut Chocolates  Collection is wonderful, very tasty, and nicely presented, .we enjoyed them

thoroughly. My wife joins me in complementing Manju for such lovely chocolates.

DSL Prasad ,Chennai India


    Amrut chocolates are

yummilicious.   As a teenager,

i had dreamt of working in

         Cadbury which faded away

with time.. 

Having Amrut chocolate made me realize that there's much

More to chocolates than merely working in a chocolate


       My kids and I enjoyed it

more than 

the Cadbury chocolates i have known. Amrut Chocolates are

tender and the natural flavors

are its specialty. Amrut is not a

name it's a box of pure love and

the presentation is beautiful.

Sushma Peri 

Hyderabad India 

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