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Shipping Policy 

We currently offer shipping through Indian Postal Services and Track On Courier options We do not offer Sunday delivery. We cannot guarantee Monday delivery if weather conditions are not good sometimes. Amrut Chocolatier is not responsible for delivery delays caused by adverse or unpredictable weather conditions.

Important Note:- Due to the COVID-19 pandemic delivery times may take longer than expected although we work on getting your orders shipped on time every time.

For delivery within Chennai, we can arrange a takeaway or delivered with minimal cost.

Standard Shipping will arrive within 5-7 working days. You may book an order for future date range only, and your order will arrive any day of the weekly range selected: Tuesday-Saturday.

Shipping Costs:- Shipping costs are as per the packing and parcel services provided by the Indian Postal Services and Track on Couriers for an individual package to an individual address; orders with multiple shipments with multiple shipping charges. If you have your own courier service we can collaborate on the shipping as per your requirement.

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