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Amrut Chocolatier story

The Spark of Amrut Chocolatier

It was in 2013, I brought some seeds of  Indian Natural Cacao from a friend’s garden and planted the seeds in my grandpa’s garden. Here I saw the Cacao trees grew happily providing bountiful Cacao fruits for more than 3 seasons. From the beans to the bars it was a process that tested my patience and perseverance of my family which was supported by my passion to create Pure Chocolate Art. Our friends and relatives would wait to taste the exquisite creation and experience moments of luxurious sweetness.

Our customized Chocolate Art has etched beautiful memories of Weddings, Birthdays, and Special Occasions in many of our worldwide customers. Today we use cacao beans from different parts of India and abroad to bring the ultimate luxury of melting chocolate moments for you. The journey into the world of chocolate art has been full of discovery, enrichment, and excitement.

Cocoa tree growing  at my Grandpa's Gard

Meet your Chocolate Artisan

As a chocolate artisan, my interest in this magical bean had been since my early childhood. Life gave me the opportunity to work internationally with famous & inspiring Chefs & Chocolatiers at the Taj Group of Hotels, The Oberoi Hotels, The Holiday Inn, The Ritz Carlton Hotels, and The Leela Hotels and Club Mahindra resorts also flying with Emirates brought me closer to the world of the luscious treasure of chocolates, inspiring me to take Chocolate artistry as my passionate art form.My love for the Cacao fruit led me to the beautiful light purple-brown beans with their exotic and strong enticing aroma.


Our team at Amrut Chocolatier works enthusiastically from planting Cacao trees to plucking the ripened fruits and starting the magnificent process of transforming the bean into a bar for Seed to Satisfaction journey .

Amrut Pure Chocolate Art  are Premium Quality Handcrafted Chocolates made for chocolate enthusiasts across the globe . Each bean is Brown Gold with the most lustrous look, silky feel, and pure taste of real Cacao. Every chocolate is sculpted by hand to an Artistic finesse. These exquisite chocolates are uniquely balanced with natural flavors and textures from original ingredients. We are working relentlessly to bring out various Cacao related  products for our discerning customers.

Our business helps us support our farmers, women, and Divyang friends through various social entrepreneurial projects undertaken as part of  Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.

Amrut अमृत Nectar means "immortality" and is often referred to in ancient Indian texts as Nectar ambrosia.

Each chocolate is created with passion with purity to provide nutrition in each delicious bite at Amrut Chocolatier.

A- आयुष्काम Ayushkaam Good wish for health and  long life – Nutrition from original ingredients for good health and vitality

M- मङ्गलेच्छा Mangalechha  Prospering Wishes -  Gift it to yourself, family, friends, customers, employees, management  during blessed occasions or  to celebrate  happy times

Ru- रुचि Ruchi  Taste  – Exquisite Taste  in every chocolate  for the chocolate enthusiasts

T- तृप्ति Trupti Satisfaction – Satisfying each chocolate  enthusiast beyond expectations

Our Motto - Seed to Satisfaction 

We believe and work with passion to ensure high quality control in manufacturing and marketing  our quality products from natural seed to highest satisfaction with each product .

Natural Farming Products :

Every bite of Amrut is a blissful moment for lingering memories. We use organically grown Cacao beans, which are carefully picked and processed with a blend of Indian spices, flowers, herbs, nuts, and dry fruits, to bring out the traditional tastes of Bharat alive. We use Cacao beans most ingredients that are grown in our garden and also bought from our farmer friends, making Amrut  Chocolates Collections a product proudly Made in Bharat.


Quality Standards :

Our products are handled with care and high quality to ensure every customer can have a trustful bite. We follow Food Quality Standards as prescribed by our Indian Government Agencies. Prices are competitive to the pure original quality of each product. Our chocolates and all other products are loved and enjoyed by our chocolate  enthusiasts of all ages  and across the globe on every occasion. 

Come let’s enrich and enjoy our lives with Amrut Chocolatier Pure Chocolate Art.

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